Video of Terrence Malick filming his new movie with Christian Bale

so… this is kind of a big deal.

Malick is notoriously photo-averse and very rarely allows himself to appear on film, and yet here he is… what’s more, here he is while filming a sequence for a new movie he’s making with Christian Bale. the title of the film isn’t yet known, but this bit of fan-captured footage confirms that at least some of the 6 hours of eventually deleted scenes will take place at the Austin City Limits music festival.

seriously though, this is some pretty exciting stuff, the Malick in his natural habitat and what not. it’s compelling to see first-hand how he works (at least in this unusual circumstance) and how he communicates with his actors, especially after interview upon interview of anecdotal testimony. neato. can’t wait to see the resulting film… 3-12 years from now.

the woman who offers up her beer is a national hero.

(via hollywood-elsewhere)